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Why Holy Jordan? Check out these blog stories for inspiration when planning your next faith-based itinerary to Jordan.

A Blessed Lent Season

The time to celebrate and observe the season of Lent is upon us once again this year. 

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A Spiritual Winter Trip to Jordan

Jordan is worth visiting at any time of the year, however, travelers to the kingdom can also obtain a wonderful spiritual experience during the winter season.

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Christmas Festivities in Jordan

With the arrival of the festive month of December, the Christmas spirit is felt across Jordan each year.

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A Technological Way to Preserve Jordan's city of Jerash

Jordan’s ancient city of Jerash is home to incredible Greco-Roman ruins that date back more than 6,500 years, and archeologists are working to ensure that they can preserve them for years to come despite the growth of modern developments.

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Jordan: A Home to Historic Churches

From ruins of early Byzantine basilicas to ancient churches located in the sacred Baptism Site of Jesus Christ, Jordan is home to many significant and beautiful churches.

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