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Why Holy Jordan? Check out these blog stories for inspiration when planning your next faith-based itinerary to Jordan.

The Historical Importance of Jordan’s Capital

Jordan’s capital city of Amman, which was referred to as "Ammon" and "Philadelphia" in the holy Bible, has had immense importance throughout history.

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The Lent Season in Jordan

The Christian community in Jordan observes the holy season of Lent similar to the rest of the world, enjoying this special time of year with their beloved family, friends, and believers.

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Jordan's Beautiful Coexistence of Christians and Muslims

Jordan is home to both Christian and Muslim citizens who live, work, and enjoy life together, constantly embracing each other’s religious traditions and celebrations and coexisting side by side in their home nation.

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Karak: An Ancient Biblical City in Jordan

Filled with historic importance and biblical references, Jordan’s city of Karak is a must-visit place.

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Jordan’s Unique Interfaith Harmony

Whenever I return to Jordan, I see the world in a new light. My eyes find the beautiful minarets that point towards heaven. My ears measure the hours of the day with each call to prayer. My mind knows the Arabic words, reminding all who hear that ...

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