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Wadi Rum’s timeless beauty: starry nights and Byzantine hermits

The Wadi Rum, a stunning valley in southern Jordan, is known for its scenery, history, and religious significance. This vast desert, also known as the Valley of the Moon, has been a crossroad for different cultures and religions throughout the ...

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Jordan is home to some of the oldest olive trees in the world

The olive tree (Olea Europaea) is a tree native to the Mediterranean Basin that has been cultivated at least since the 6th century BCE. Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan are believed to be the tree’s regions of origin. As expected, ...

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The rich tradition of Jordanian wine (possibly poured at the Last Supper)

Hospitality, a cornerstone of biblical values, is almost synonymous with the sharing of wine. In the Mediterranean, wine has always been a common drink –but also much more than that. Since Early Antiquity, wine is considered a symbol of ...

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A Mosaic of faiths: Atop Mount Nebo

Towering over the Jordan Valley, Mount Nebo is a holy site that resonates across all monotheistic traditions. While the mountain itself offers a stunning view, its true treasures are (quite literally) below your feet: the floors of its Byzantine ...

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Petra’s Monastery: A Nabataean Architectural Jewel

The Ad Deir Monastery, situated in the renowned city of Petra in Jordan, is one of the architectural masterpieces (if not the masterpiece) of the ancient Nabataean civilization. This impressive edifice, carved into the rock of a cliff, ...

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