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Biblical Jordan 2023 with Educational Opportunities

Go on a journey to Biblical Jordan in 2023. Discover all of the awe-inspiring sites related to the Old and New Testaments on this brand new 9-day tour. Explore Petra, Madaba, Jerash, Mount Nebo, and more.

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9 Day Jordan Discovery with Indus Travel

Explore Amman, the fascinating capital with over 7,000 years of ancient history waiting to be discovered. Float in the waters of the Dead Sea as you take in the beautiful scenery and visit the lowest place on Earth. Visit Mount Nebo, a legendary travel destination and the burial ground of Moses overlooking the Dead Sea. And much more! 

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Friendly Planet Travel

From the bustling city of Amman and the otherworldly vistas of Wadi Rum to the red-rose ancient city of Petra and the shores of the Dead Sea, experience the land of Lawrence of Arabia & Indiana Jones.

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Jordan: Women's Expedition with Intrepid Travel

Join an eight-day Women’s Expedition in Jordan as we break the barriers of traditional tourism and discover sisterhood in this inspiring desert nation. Spend a night in Wadi Rum, learn the art of henna with Bedouin women and discover how it has been used for centuries. Visit the desert, the beach and holy sites all in one trip.

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Biblical Jordan 2023 with ETS

Join us on a journey to Jordan featuring popular Biblical sites such as Mt. Nebo, Bethany Beyond the Jordan, and Lot's Cave. Plus discover the cinematic beauty of Petra and Wadi Rum and overnights at the Dead Sea.

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Biblical Jordan with Avanti Destinations

Discover all that Jordan has to offer through its famous biblical sites, stunning natural scenery, and beyond. Spend four nights in the buzzing capital of Amman, giving you ample time to explore northern Jordan, before visiting prominent biblical sites such as the Fortress of Machaerus and Bethany Beyond the Jordan. Immerse yourself in Jordanian culture with unique local experiences from baking bread in Petra to sleeping under the stars in Wadi Rum.

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