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Why Holy Jordan? Check out these blog stories for inspiration when planning your next faith-based itinerary to Jordan.

Experience Jesus’ Baptism Site Through Virtual Reality

The sacred site of Jesus Christ’s baptism, commonly known as “Bethany Beyond the Jordan” can now be experienced from anywhere in the world.

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References of Jesus’ Baptism Site in Jordan

For centuries, the importance and history of the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ in Jordan has been continuously studied and explored.

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Machaerus, Jordan: The Sacred Town of John the Baptist

Many religious and historic stories are believed to have occurred in present day Jordan and one of these places is Machaerus, also known as "Mukawir."

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The Importance of the Jordan River

Mentioned in many verses of the Holy Bible and in religious stories, the Jordan River is an extremely important place in Christianity.

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Jordan’s Ancient City of Gadara

On suspended hills above the Jordan Valley in Jordan’s northwestern region one will find the ancient ruins of the Decapolis city of Gadara.

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