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Why Holy Jordan? Check out these blog stories for inspiration when planning your next faith-based itinerary to Jordan.

Jordan’s Lady of the Mount and Mount Nebo are Must-Visit Biblical Spots

For centuries, Jordan has been an extremely important religious and Holy destination filled with many biblical and historic sites, offering believers around the globe an opportunity to visit some of the oldest Christian sites.

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Jordan’s Two Holy Sites That Every Christian Should Visit

From the beginning of time, Jordan has been the center of biblical stories and sacred sites, attracting people from across the globe to visit its many historically and religiously important places.

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Jordan’s Top Places for a Perfect Wedding

Jordan’s many biblical sites, world-renowned touristic destinations, and romantic outdoor venues make the kingdom a top place for a destination wedding.

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A Spiritual Itinerary in Jordan

Jordan is home to numerous sacred sites with biblical references and immense religious importance, making it one of the best countries to visit for spiritual experiences.  

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The Special Christmas Season in Jordan

With the arrival of the holiday season each winter in Jordan, the Christmas spirit is felt and enjoyed by many Jordanians as Christmas music, lights, and decorations light up neighborhoods across the kingdom.

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