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Top Religious Places to Visit in Jordan’s Northern Region

The North of Jordan is home to many historic sites with biblical references and importance. From ancient Greco-Roman ruins to ancient cities mentioned in the holy Bible, Jordan’s northern region offers an array of wonderful places that visitors ...

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Petra, Jordan: A Biblical Site and an Archaeological Wonder

The incredible ancient structures coupled with many biblical references in the historic city of Petra make it one of Jordan's most spectacular destinations.  

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As-Salt: A Jordanian City of Religion and History

Jordan’s historic city of As-Salt is filled with religious and historic importance, making it a must-visit destination during a trip to the kingdom.

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A Blessed Lent Season

The time to celebrate and observe the season of Lent is upon us once again this year. 

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Jordan Unveils Master Plan to Expand Jesus Christ’s Baptism Site

Jordan has launched a $100 million plan to expand the area of Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the kingdom’s sacred site that is believed to be where Jesus Christ was baptized.

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