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Why Holy Jordan? Check out these blog stories for inspiration when planning your next faith-based itinerary to Jordan.

Jordan’s Top Places for a Perfect Wedding

Jordan’s many biblical sites, world-renowned touristic destinations, and romantic outdoor venues make the kingdom a top place for a destination wedding.

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A Spiritual Itinerary in Jordan

Jordan is home to numerous sacred sites with biblical references and immense religious importance, making it one of the best countries to visit for spiritual experiences.  

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The Celebration of Epiphany

January 6 marks the Epiphany, the sacred Christian feast day that millions of Christian believers across the globe, including Jordan, celebrate each year.

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The Special Christmas Season in Jordan

With the arrival of the holiday season each winter in Jordan, the Christmas spirit is felt and enjoyed by many Jordanians as Christmas music, lights, and decorations light up neighborhoods across the kingdom.

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A Holy Day in Amman

Jordan is not only home to immensely important biblical sites dating back to thousands of years ago, but it’s capital city of Amman is also filled with many wonderful churches, offering people awe-inspiring experiences of faith, peace, and ...

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